The infant and toddler room at Crossroads Learning Center is designed for children 0 - 2 1/2 years old, providing age appropriate space and materials.
Infants & Toddlers Classroom
Your child is assigned to specially educated, primary caregivers who is responsible for holding them while feeding, responding to their needs, and changing their diapers on a consistent basis. This allows your child to bond with their caregivers and develop a feeling of trust. Learning trust in the first year of life teaches them that this world is a good place to be in.

The ienvironment and experiences are designed around the program goals of Crossroads Learning Center. The environment is designed to meet the individual needs of your child.
Our classroom is equipped with many opportunities to enhance learning. Our teachers offer a nurturing environment for all children to learn and play. We focus on positive guidance and promote social emotional development with responsive care.

Your child is assigned a qualified primary caregiver who consistently assists with their daily needs. Each caregiver has no more than four children, breaking the classroom up into smaller groups so every child has a personalized learning and development experience. This primary caregiver system sets the stage for deep connections and creates a foundation upon which all other relationships will be built.

We provide a wide variety of experiences to promote all aspects of development such as sensory, a generous amount of outdoor time for large motor development, a wide range of books for reading, blocks, dramatic play, open ended art, and many others. We also implement sign language into our daily routine to help toddlers communicate and better express themselves.
Infant area
Toddler area
Toddler area
Toddler area

Creating a Love of Learning

The classroom is equipped with opportunities for sensory exploration including toys such as rattles, textured blocks, mirrors, age-appropriate books, balls, puzzles and different styles of music. This encourages your child to begin to discover their new world and explore ways to manipulate and interact with their environment. Throughout all of this, our caregivers incorporate literacy-based activities through reading stories, music, singing, and practicing alphabetical sounds.

These activities work together to stimulate language development. In addition to fine-motor skills, we will work with your child as they move towards greater independence on gross motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and eventually walking. We encourage lots of tummy-time to help facilitate development in these areas.

Partnering with Families

We stress building a partnership with each family by exchanging information both verbally and through written daily reports. This sharing of information between the family and classroom is critical to the proper care of each child and this is a top priority for us. We use a Daily Information Sheet for each child to record mealtimes, bottles, naps, diapering, as well as specific information that impacts that baby’s well-being each day. Parents fill out their section of the sheet at drop-off, then staff members record pertinent information throughout the day. At day’s end, teachers note special things your child did that day, as well as reminders to parents for supplies or other needs.

On-Demand Scheduling

The schedule is determined by the needs of each child. We know that babies have very individual eating and sleeping patterns, and we follow these natural rhythms. We refer to this as on-demand scheduling. Their bottles and naps will be given to them as needed.


“I love the infant room and all the teachers there... They always make me feel like my child is the only one in the room. Everyone at Crossroads is always so helpful, nice, and accommodating. The flexibility is great and I love the activities the teachers do with my child. It was an easy transition starting my child in daycare because of Crossroads staff!”


“Crossroads Learning Center is not the first child care center we have used for our family, but it is our favorite! The staff is so nice and welcoming... The teachers greet us every morning with smiles and friendly words (even teachers from other classroom greet us). [Our children] are always happy to see their teachers and our toddler never wants to leave at the end of the day! The friendly staff, the amazing art projects, the flexibly with scheduling... and the pictures you post on facebook of our kids having fun at school really make it a lot easier to leave our children in your care because we know they are having a great time and that they are in excellent and loving hands! Thank you Crossroads for everything you do!”

Joe and Bekah

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